Friday, March 16, 2007

Celebrate differences

Often people say they are upset that life is full of contradictions.
But life is not so small that we can put it into compartments like good and bad,right and wrong,
black and white or evil and noble.
Life is vast,so vast that it is big enough to include contradictions in its fold.
One has to accept them gracefully and at the same time change whatever is possible.
We have to learn to accept what cannot be changed.
While we were discussing differences,let us also accept the fact that the context of a relationship should be one of love and not of expectations.
Love has to go through transformation and purification.
Only then would we find that we are bigger than our differences.
One should be creative in a relationship
Learn to enjoy the differences.
The most important aspect in a relationship is that we should stand for inner growth and not of ego.
We can operate either for personality or from innocence.
Personality come from ego while innocence comes from childlike nature.
That which arises out of ego makes one feel heavy whereas what arises out of childlike innocence
makes one feel light.
When we operate from innocence our logic will have a different lustre,our understanding would have a different aura.It becomes divine.
Life is an adventure---get into it
Life is a struggle--make it sacred
Life is a tragedy--grow from it
Life is a beauty--feel it
Life is a bliss--experience it

(Taken from Swami Sukhabodhananda's article)