Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Islam: Verse of the Throne

The Holy Q'uran refers to God as Rabb-al-Alameen,the Lord of all creation[literally 'the worlds'].The whole of the cosmos,nature as well as humanity is created and sustained by God.This notion of sovereignty is expressed in the following 'verse of the Throne'

Allah,there is no God but He,
the living the Eternal.
Neither slumber nor sleep seizes Him.
To Him belongs what is in the heavens and
in the earth.
who can intercede with Him,
except by His permission?
He knows what lies before them
and after them,
and they know nothing of His knowledge.
Save such as He wills .
His throne encompasses the heaven,
and the earth ,
and He never wearies of preserving them.
He is sublime,the Exalted.

Shree loves this verse .