Wednesday, December 31, 2008 are reflected in my mirror......hazily

fragrant dusk swallow the orange globe,
milk white clouds drifted away in the sky.
you are reflected in my mirror.....hazily....

another year passed by,
tomorrow will be a new morn,
a crisp new morn,
dipped in faith to make impossible ......possible,
bathed in hope to make it work well,
surrounded by great wave of Love to make it beautiful......

come faith,hope and love immerse me in You,
gently sing the lullaby......caress me to eternal sleep...



Sunday, December 28, 2008

kuashaye dheke jaye shabder jhak

bhalobasha achhe ...nei
kuashaye dheke jaye shabder jhak,akhorera jhapsha,
andhare aloye lukochuri chole ,
moner govirey,

ghumoye taragulo nishigandhar bash e......
jochhonata guti guti haate.....
haat dhorey,
bhije jaye nisshar raat.

dheke deye somoyer rong,
sindbaader buro...
hatiye niye jaye durey durantarey.....
niyotir mato,
matitey mishiye jabar agey......
makorer jaal ankibuki kate,
boyesher deoaley.
nishigandhar bash..e.

tomaye dilam


Friday, December 19, 2008

Only if you only never fell asleep Abhimanyu......

When you fell asleep in your mother's womb Abhimanyu*.....
did you know ?
did you ever thought ?
you've not learnt the art of saving yourself.
the art of a great warrior is to save one's own skin too.

life is a Chakrabyuha**.........
endless war with the mercyless killers..
killers of soul...killers of spirit...killer of human values.
Saptarathee*** killing the innocent child....
from seven sides......with a cool head.
heart cold like stone.

Only if you only never fell asleep Abhimanyu?
then what would have happened i wonder.
may be the Mahabharata would have been written...
Saptarathees embraced lovingly....
Uttara's**** speechless cries ....changed into celebration...
and this old grey haired Earth smiled .....

*Abhimanyu=son of Arjuna
**chakrabyuha=a way of setting the soldiers in a war
***saptarathee=seven great warriors who killed Abhimanyu....incedentally they were his relatives and quite older to him
****Uttara=Abhimanyu's wife

it is said that Abhimanyu was in his mother womb when Arjuna was explaining the setting of Chakrabyuha but he fell asleep when Arjuna was teaching how to come out of Abhimanyu never learnt that.


Monday, December 8, 2008

a dot may be

nobody i was.
nobody i will be ......

when i was born,
i came as nobody,

when i will go,
will go as nobody ......

i remained as nobody in my life....
an empty circle.
a dot may be.

to you dear friend ....


Friday, November 28, 2008

Nusre min Allah un fatoor khareeb

walk on.......
walk on in the velvet snow...
pouring sky.....
boiling desert......
on the softest green meadow....
walk on......
in the blazing sun....
golden twilight.....
in the darkest night.....
where the next step is in the edge......
either a solid stone ......
or you learn to fly......
have faith.....He will hold your hands...

Nusre min Allah un fatoor khareeb.

have faith......


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in celebration

friends in life are precious,
something to cherish,
some last and others lost,
thats the way it is.
life is like a running stream that flows
through many ups and downs
beating rocks ,storm and many earthquakes.

a companion in journey
brings many blessings
help to unfold the mysteries in life,
in the discovery of self.
in self realization,
in celebration.

a little hurt,
a tiny mistake,
a small misunderstanding,
bit of anger and resentment,
losing control of self ,
all create wall and division.

some are lost coz ,
heart has very little place in friendship
brain and logic rules,
how the heart should behave.
time conscious,
measuring things ,moments even friendship,
friendship directed to self.

compartmentalize life,
they see life in bits and pieces.
no time even for themselves,
busy all the time ,
result oriented relation .
professionalism is the way of life .
they strive to gain and win always .
profit is the drive.
losses not expected ,not wanted .
only to win in all .....

they stand on sand ,
daily toil and energy
become desert heat and burn and lost.
the lost ones are the wounds in the heart .
they become the turning points in life at times.
its the way in life .
all pass through this .
acceptance of this reality makes life ,
worth and meaningful.

surrendering totally gives
lasting friendship.
in emptying self we gain heaven.
on this Earth.





feel in your heart.......
the world appears because of He ,
but of He is no trace.
His love bestowed on you oh fakir,
with ever loving grace......

to you.


Monday, August 18, 2008


as i walk along the moonlit night,
the inner games of life passes by,
lonely pine tree....
pebbles kissed the toes,
the pole star sends songs....
like a wave....
touches the core,
feel the happiness,
fills the sky,
breaking barriers,


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

aamar meye1

this two poems are written by my beloved father when i was five plus ,he is no more but this is a small tribute to him......

shaler boney shaler charar mato,
beye beye uthchhe amar meye,
bhorer shishir chumiye jaye mukh,
ghum bhenge deye pakhira gaan geye.

kochi kochi sobuj paatar dheu,
kapon lagaye sara deher majhey,
mridu batash hotath diley dekha ,
mono-nupur mando madhur baje.

choitro maashe kaalboshekhir megh,
ghoniye jakhon ashey chaaridik,
meye aamar kalo ankhi meley ,
sadaye ghera alor majhe tip.

aakash kepey uriye ashey jhar,
dharar buk sajorey deye naara,
meye takhon madol bajaye jorey,
dodul dolaye boney laagey saara.

surjyo jwoley holka agun neme,
puriye deye boner sobuj chhaya,
meye takhon rudrani besh seje,
shaler boney tapashwini kaya.

shrabon eshey bhijiye diye math,
aalor dhara namiye deye boney,
pataye pataye katoi mridu katha,
notun gaan jegei othey mone.

meye amar eliye diye chul,
jibonrashey purno korey praan ,
gunjariya othey hridoymul,
geye othey nabo-jibon gaan.


khelar paat sango holo tomar
paather khela shuru karo meye
baro jara bolbey tomaye bhalo,
chhoto thakbey mukher paane cheye.

putulguli kuriye niye ebaar ,
tuley raakho sidukete purey,
chair-e tey boshey paro tumi,
boigulo shob rakho tomaye ghirey.

porbey jato janbey notun kato,
dekhbe porey jaanar nai shesh,
notun notun gyaner porichoye,
paabey tumi notun diner resh.

baro hobar sathe sathe tumi,
jibon takey notun korey dekho,
mando bhalor bichar jagao mone,
bhalo takey chhekei tuley raakho.

haaler mutho shithil na hoy jeno,
badha jakhon ashbey tuley dheu ,
ekla tomaye baite hobey toree,
songey tomar thakbe na to keu.

jharer mukhey urtey tomay hobey,
bipad jakhon gharey debey haana,
aapon janer mukhosh porey taara,
jibonraney katoi debey maana.

dekhbey tumi janjha bipad nei,
pubey aakash aalor aaloye chhobi,
snigdho haoa boichhey tomar praaney ,
nijei tumi 'notun diner rabi'

written by priyadarshi banerjee 25.08.64

Thursday, August 7, 2008

the seven coloured cauldron

it is a mad mad cauldron of seven colours,
like seven moods,seven happiness,seven sorrows,
i looked inside it and saw bubbles are forming,
bursting.....sometimes tiny and sometimes enormous........

friends and not so friends,
loved and not so loved,
dance side by side...
compartments are formed ,broken,again rebuilt.
cauldron is busy always....
all seven colours are mixed and becomes the colour the end ,
the colour of light the colour of peace the colour of love and infinity.


Monday, July 21, 2008


a glass is a plane to look beyond,
to look beyond ones life,thought ,idea,love and belief....
but a powder coat changes it ,
into a reflective surface.
reflects the condition of mind ,
its intensity,
and the distance it keeps ,
during a smile ,a caress,a hug or a kiss.......

The mirror judges the value,
attached to the gems and jewels,
and with panache ,
measures the depth in an eye that weeps ,
and the heart that bleeds.......
and the unread story that is going to end.........

theme taken from a writing of c.r shah

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jhorey porey shishirer mato

hridoyer kuthurite,
jhorey porey ....
shishirer mato.
baro baro rakter fota.....
chupi chupi...

dibetar dhaknata bandho,
shey kato kal kadin dhorey....
bukey tuley neye naki ?
nongra je baro.
ashohay boba ek jontur mato.

abujher mato
bhalobasha chaye.

ekhane to nei prem,
nei kono sohager chhitey,
achhey shudhu ,
jatar kaler majhe ,
pishe jaoa diney ar raatey,
thuli pora baloder mato.

tai tup tup ...
tup tup rakter fota,
porey jaye jhorey jay,
dheerey ati dheerey...

mukhosher mukh nei,
achhey shudhu chhuri
kolje ta chhirey nebe,
fakirer buktuku chirey.

tai tup tup ,
tup tup ,
jhorey jaye ,
porey jaye ,
hoye jaye sada
shorirer sob kosh,
kagojer mato.
arekta porey lash ,
naamheen jaatheen,
number haatey....
prithibir lashkata gharey.


to my dearest akinchan

Monday, June 30, 2008

like a falling flower petal

To be with you,
what you have left me is still in my heart,
without losing its brightness ,
i am happy that we came across each other.
This smile i regaining ,
is my overwhelming feeling of'thank you'.
now i can move,
like a falling flower petal.
like a dream....
its a miracle to have met you .
what you have left me is a treasure of reality called
'this very moment'.

that is why i will live my life tothe fullest,
and become a flower.
Why do flowers wither?
Why can birds fly?
Why do winds blow?
Why does the Moon shine upon me?
Why am I here?
Why are You here?
Why did I meet You?

To have encountered You
Was a fate in a world where people come and grow
Like falling flower petals

Like a dream, its a miracle to have met you
Loving each other, Fighting each other
Getting past barriers and obstacles together,
Even I am reborn
I want to be a flower beside you.
How long will it last?
The sun right above me
How long can I maintain your smiling and crying expressions.
If we are to mutually lose everything
Lets be more grateful of our encounter,
The miracle of that day, that time, that place
Will give birth, to a new miracle
To give strength by love
Getting past hard lives by believing in each other.
I want to see you, to fall like flower petals

Rain stopped, rainbow appeared
The Light was born in the blue sky
The first and important is to recognise that "You love me"
Can I walk on?
I can see it
I hope my feeling can be heard through eternity
Your happiness, your pain and your everything.

I want to see you to fall like flower petals
I will accept everything in this world
What you have left me is a treasure of reality called "this very moment"
That is why i will live my life to the fullest
And become a falling flower petal, like a dream.

theme taken from a Japanese movie


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

dews of pain

come to me with your light footed step, oh beloved pain,
whisper in my ears all your tales....
let me light a lamp to honour you in my crazy dearest.....
dews of pain will bring the peace as the showers of monsoon rain.
where the tears and laughter will make a rainbow of hope in life.

it is just a thought not a poem.


Friday, May 9, 2008

be in love ,alive ,vibrant.........pulsate with joy

be in love,
pulsate with joy,
double up with agony,
torn by doubt and conflict,
turn inward and outward,
constantly losing oneself only to search out new paths to tread,
quests and journeys to make,
angers to be expressed and controlled,
faith to be lost and found,
dreams to be shattered and gathered one by one like a broken mirror,
breaking up and breaking out,
crying out aloud and crying for ...............

be in love ,
challenging oneself and others,
confronting world of injustices,
being overpowered with reality,
making desperate attempt to be human in an inhuman world,
failing and succeeding ,
making endings and new beginnings,
use everything the life has offered ,
oceans of love,unending joy,
mounds of pain and suffering,
grand success...........
lovers does not have the luxury,
to experience love so easily....
deep pain and piercing exctasy....goes hand in this world and beyond.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

engulfing me into his arms......forever .......forever

all was barren when you came to me as the soothing rain ,
holding hand ,walking the meadows,hills and mountains....
i 've felt the urge to live ......
to love and to sing joyfully.....
each moment is precious,bubbling with joy...
to be adored,loved and held by the beloved...

the earth nodded ,sun swayed,moon n stars sang in unison......
the silvery blue sky sprinkle sweetness all over.....
felt like living once more only.....
to be the numero uno of you...

tulips bow down,each blade of grass smiled at me....
roses bloomed
golden harvest danced in glory,
all tears gone .......
gone are the sorrows innumerable ,
frustration of everydayism,
misunderstanding,bitterness of life...
only remains the love of the beloved ....
as the rising sun ,engulfing me into his arms......forever......forever.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

who will love you eternally

oh brokenhearted,
don't be afraid to fall in love ......
conquer your fears,
there is an open sky ,
waiting for you to fly again.

fall in love dearest.....
it is the most wonderful feeling
that you can experience....
whether it is right love at the wrong time
for the right person,or the wrong love
at the right time for the wrong person.

how can you say it is a waste ......
coz you were your most happiest self.
let others get close to you
and learn to trust again.

let your beloved come to you ,
when the crescent moon hides behind the cloud ...
with a little naughty smile....
it is then you will need your love again ,
who will love you eternally.

so fall in love again dearest .....
and don't be afraid again......


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a true love story

it is a true love story which i adore ...if there is any mistake readers please forgive because it is totally unintentional.Prophet's each saying ,each moment of His life teaches us beautiful lessons.....

two most kind eyes looked afar across the horizon....
loving heart,
a generous soul ....
throbbing for all the poor and the most deprived.

inner voice whispered to her...
'trust Him'
'love Him'
'give Him courage and hope'

love re-kindled in her gentle heart .
she was older and rich,
He was younger with very little means.

The great Beloved's ocean of love bound Them together.

the greatest love story of all times begun...
Their love was true and deep .......
constant like the sun...

She loved,
encouraged, and
believed ....
the Last Prophet,
like a true soldier,
till death took her away.

oh precious couple ,
oh adored ones ,
may Allah's love and glory shine upon You,
to show us the only true path,
follow the Final Testament of all times,
till the end of this world.


you are priceless ,precious and adored

the glow you feel inside
when you give freely to others ,
gifts of your heart ,
hope ,
kind word,
appreciation .....
the burden of the world seems weightless.

you touch another heart ,
with intangible gifts of yours,
create joy,
being calm,
stepping back and creating space,
you cherish your ability to give ,
and expect nothing in return .........

woman you are priceless,precious and adored.....
beloved of the Supreme Beloved.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

the eternal fragrance.....woman

i took extensive help from danny sillada's writing...thanks to him

this write up is a tribute to all women who have loved,suffered,battered,bruised sacrificed and adored.....

woman in my are eternal....precious .......

How many men have failed to understand a woman her wants and needs not in context of physical and emotional fulfilment but on the level of intellectual stimulation that a woman of passion and reason craves and desires?
A woman can be attracted to a man because of his looks at first but the moment he speaks,he will either arouse her curiosity or bore her to death.
She may yawn or look afar as a sign of discontent in front of a boring and
insensitive person.
But when her blood rushes towards her cheeks and her eyes glow with unknown radiance is a sign that she is at the peak of her intellectual and emotional experience.

So what does really a woman need and desire in a man and what brings he to the fullest experience of her femininity as a woman? A good lover does not need to be very handsome or need to have plenty of material possession to impress a woman but wit,passion ,a rational mind and a sensitive heart to stimulate the inner core of her soul.

To affirm her existence is not only to fulfil her sensual and emotional needs and longings ,her material and financial need but also to stimulate the intellectual resonance of her body and soul .Woman call it 'Intellectual stimulation'
Intellectual stimulation is to bring the woman to the heights of her femininity of being loved and adored with passion and reason enduring the passing of time and season.A man's love to a woman must be emotional as well as rational ,he must see through the woman' soul ,her beauty,value and meaning in relation to his quest in life.

A woman whom he loves is not a functional object to be used when he need to release his lust and passion and put her aside when she is no longer attractive or exploitable .If the love goes away then it is better to separate with respect.
Every woman deserves respect wheather she is a prostitute ,a mentally challenged ,a factory worker or a house maid.
A loving and rational man must see and recognize her precious role in conceiving and delivering humanity into the world.Man exists because of a woman he loves and she becomes a woman because of him.Man could only respond to that 'gift of life'by treating every woman with respect ,compassion and love.
He has to make her feel as though she is as indispensable as the air that he breathes or as the light that beckons in his solitude because she is the completion of what he was and he is to become.

For every man there is always a woman [may not be his wife]who laughs and cries with him at time of joy and sorrow .The essence of a woman transcends beyond space and time and like seasoned wine the older she gets the more she defines and completes the epitome of being a woman.
the more she advances in her age the more she possesses an aura of beauty and elegance beyond the physical realms.She becomes the symbol of love ,passion and beauty that a man must constantly esteem ,cherish and desire as a lover and a man of reason.
he must rise above the physical appearance and see through her soul and quintenssential beauty of a woman.It is an eye for instance of seeing the beauty of a woman working in the farmwith sun baked skin or a destitute woman carrying her child along the busy street or a adivasi[native] woman plucking tea leaves or the woman doing the front desk job for little extra money without a murmur.

A compassionate man adores ,loves and protects a woman like a goddess ,as ineffable and desirable as a princess by showing not only his words but also his actions like how he talks and listens with ardor and compassion.
As a woman like any man she has her own conquest too and her conquest is to be constantly desired,loved and adored rather than taken for granted like a used object when youth and physical beauty wilt away.
Every woman is equal to a man,what he desires is what she equally desires in her own way as a woman and she desires nothing but to love and to be loved by the man that she trust and gave her life and existence.