Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life Lessons 2


We will have many relationships in our lifetime.Our partners ,friends and significant others we choose but others such as parents and siblings are chosen for us.

Relationships offer us the biggest opportunities for learning lessons in life ,for discovering who we are,what we fear, where our power comes from and the true meaning of love .
We tend to think that we have relationship with relatively few people but the truth is we have relationships with everybody we meet, be they friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers or simply passer-by's. The attitude we bring to one relationship- positive or negative, loving, hopeful, encouraging, its we who bring to them all. We have the choice of bringing a little or a lot of love to each of our relationships. We have so much love all around need to categorise them.

There is no mistake in relationships, everything unfolds the way its supposed to. We learn through them to see our own souls, with their rich topography,and to deliver ourselves to healing.

When we let go of our preconceived agendas in loving relationships, we set aside questions of whom we will love and for how long. We transcend these limits to find a love that is magical and created by HIM....just for us.