Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dohar a bangla band sings folksongs of eastern India and Bangladesh

After a long gap of few years Dohar came back to us ........sang songs of Hashon Raja ,Lalon Fakir and the most impressive one is a song written by Abdul Karim who is 90+ and lives in a village in Sunamgunj[Bangladesh]

The most lovely thing Abdul Karim Saab says and believes that very soon a day will come when this world will be the world of and for Bauls[i don't have exact English equivalent of Baul,they are the singing minstrels of Bengal those who believe in the oneness of God and His unending love for us mortals]

All the classical music has a 'gharana 'whereas the folksongs have a'bahiriyana' that is the songs are mostly sung outside in the fields,while they are fishing,sowing paddy or simply racing boats for example Baich,Sari gaan ,Murshidi gaan,Bhatiyali,Bihu,Gajon er gaan,Dhamayil,Goalparia gaan,Bhayoaiya-chatka gaan,Jhumur and the songs written by the Fakirs and Bauls of Bengal are really extremely meaningful and and deeply God loving.They believe in the oneness of God the Beloved.

Folksongs have a quality which could be compared with flowing changes its course ,language and becomes more and more deep in its meaning ...
I must congratulate...Kalikaproshad,Tarun,Rajiv,Niranjanda,Shomnath,Chhotu,Mrigonavi for singing such beautiful songs ......Yes we love them and want them to sing more and more for us.
I will write about each type of songs in detail later.
Gyan manch atmosphere was electrifying.all of us were singing and clapping with the singers.THey have excellent rapport with the audience.Shabash and Shukriya Dohar for giving us such a lovely evening......

To be contd.