Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tears of blood slowly drips down from heart,He whispers tenderly my dearest that is the price
of trusting ,children of Adam .
But trust, till the end coz noone can live without trust ,faith and love.
Sparkling smile breaks into thousand pieces .
Sharp spear pierces the bubbling ,childlike heart .
Humiliation ,hurt and anger that is the prize one gets .

innocent ....no ...no but naive ........
walking alone on a moonlit night ,
a cry came up to the lips....oh pain how much do i have to take you ?
unknowingly the fingers touches the fire........ it gets burned .
doesn't one know that it is not to be touched?
From the deep pain and sorrow the tender ,loving arms of
my Love embraces me.......................
And i could hear...........from far.........................
Subhaanallaahi wal-Hamdu lillaahi wa laaa 'ilaaha illallaahu
wallaahu Akbar.Wa laa hawla wa laa quw-wata illaa
billaahil -'Aliyyil-'Azim.
Glory be to Allah.........
my Supreme Lord took away all my pain
and i was born again like a dew drop on a new blade of
like a newly lit lamp
like a newly washed floor of the Lord's house........
clean ,bright and sparkling............
again to trust ,to love and have faith on everyone...........
to cry again and born again in His love.......


Sunday, May 27, 2007


Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
calling the faithful to pray ........
Om Manipadme Hum....Om Manipadme Hum...
Om Manipadme Hum....
The whirling of prayer wheels.....

The rhythmic chanting of slokas in the temples......
Shrinnatu Vishwe Amritashya Putra ......
The chiming of bells in the churches .....
fills this slave of Yours with wonder and awe.....
Wherever i look i see His face..........my Beloved.
i see His love in all...................
the leaves of the trees becomes His loveletters
birds are His messengers......
even the stones and the pebbles starts showing His tenderness.
my love You are the Love ,the Loving .....Al -Waduud
Ya Haqq strip me from my pride and fill me
with your Truth and radiant light of your love.
make me the touchstone of Your all embracing Ishq
the dust in Your lotus feet so that i become You at last.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All the praise to HIM

Ni'mal- Mawlaaa wa ni'man- Nasiir

shree found this so appropriate at this time

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Life's Lesson 6: COMPASSION

Philosophical reasoning and analytical logic have characterised much of Buddhist thought. Yet it is perhaps the path of compassion (karuna) that lies at the heart of the Buddha principle.

Compassion is seen as an important element of spiritual practice.... a feeling arising not merely out of common pity but a heart felt empathy which will not allow a realised soul to rest till he/she removes the veil of suffering and ignorance of all.

In Bodhiacharyavatara (a guide to the Bodhisattava's Way of Life). Santideva (Buddhist monk teacher of Nalanda) delineates The Way, "truly heroic beings" postponed attainment of Nirvana until every other being also attains that bliss of enlightenment.

To cultivate compassion a challenge to identify and rise above our deepest dislikes and prejudices,to understand our innermost anxieties and fears and to know that we actually mirror each other

The interconnectedness of life can be felt only by a compassionate heart which would see beyond misconceptions and limitations of thought -mind which the Dalai Lama emphasises '....itself predetermines what we perceive'.

Compassion is the healing meditative tool to tear away the veil of ego centric ignorance that we are all separate entities.

A Zen teacher said '....compassion without wisdom would be sentimental and wisdom without compassion would be unthinkable.....they go together like the foot before and the foot after in walking'.

taken help from sayings of Dalai Lama ,Zen masters ,writings on Buddhism

Sunday, May 13, 2007

wa'tasimu bi hablillahi jami'an wa laa tafarraqu
"hold tight to the rope of Allah,and don't separate"[3:103]

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Where are you going?
Don't you know you can never cross that door.
It is closed for you forever.it is not for you,
a social leper ......
you grew up like a wild bush
uncared ,untended not pruned properly
by human touch.but
everyone liked your glorious flowers
swaying in the bright sunlit
Did you not store anything for yourself?
that is the rule ......to keep away
to hide,not to give away all.
to give away all the blossoms is foolish.
in the family of flowers you are the last one,
untouchable and not acceptable in the
should have been manipulative to
gain entrance to the door.
why oh why you couldn't be like
then be an outcaste ,
a social leper where
noone will
touch you,
love you ,
call you
my precious
till you are finally called by your maker.
haven't any pride ?self respect ?
when they take away all the twigs,leaves
still you give to the end?the dust
under everyone's feet.hateful,
now when the cup is full
let it be taken away from you.
and you cross the threshold of
this life and be the dust on the
Beloved's feet.

Shree[wrote it in september'06,Singapore,after meeting a patient]

Friday, May 4, 2007

Again Rumi

Sell your cleverness
and buy bewilderment

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Life Lessons 5

Anger is a natural emotion.If we naturally felt our anger by expressing it ,if we let it live for a minute in order to move through it we would be fine.But problems arise when we either express anger inappropriately by blowing up or suppress it so that it accumulates.We end up either giving a situation more of our anger than it deserves,or none of it.

Suppressed anger does not simply evaporate,it becomes unfinished business.Many people were raised in families where showing any anger was wrong.Others come from families where even the slightest problem escalated to rage.It is no wonder we have no good role models foe expressing this natural emotion.instead of understanding what to do with anger ,we question it,wonder if it is valid,misplace it and do just about everything we can except feel it.But anger is a normal reaction,useful at the right time and place,and in the proper portions.
Anger does not have to be a horrible beast that consumes our lives.It's just a feeling.It's a feeling to be experienced,not judged.Like all our feelings ,anger is a form of communication,it brings us a message.Unfortunately,many of us no longer hear its message because we often do not know how to feel it.
Anger tells us that we haven't dealt with our hurt.Hurt is present pain ,while anger is often lingering pain.We can accumulate many hurts and it becomes hard to sort them out,eventually ,even hard to recognize the anger.
Anger held internally ,changes our impressions of the past and distorts our view of current reality.
We must be allowed to express our anger and must give ourselves permission to do so.We are here to heal and move through our feelings.Like little babies we can learn to be more honest and express our anger.We can learn to live lives where anger is a feeling that passes,not a state of being.