Friday, March 23, 2007

Life Lessons 1


Most of us think of happiness as a reaction to an event,but it is actually a state of mind that has very little to do with what is going on around us.
We have seen over and over that lasting happiness is not found in winning lottery,having a beautiful body or eliminating wrinkles.All these things are temporarily elating ,but the thrill quickly wears off and we are soon as happy or unhappy as we were before.
While happiness is our natural state,we've been trained to feel more comfortable with unhappiness.In a strange way we are not used to happiness ;at times it feels not only unnatural but undeserved.
We are God's precious children.We are meant to enjoy all wonders around us and we must remember that we have more to give to others ,to the suffering when we ourselves are happy.

In reality ,happy people are the least self-absorbed and self-centered among us.They often volunteer their time and provide service to others,they are often kinder,more loving ,forgiving and caring than their unhappy counterparts.Happiness expands our capacity to give.
Happiness is not the result of an event,it does not depend on circumstances.WE i repeat WE determine our happiness and not what is going on around us.


Amra ghenna kori judhho

Jano ki shoheed ar bijoyeer moddhey byabodhan khub...i kom,
hoyto ba dujonei joddha..
amra ghenna kori juddho ,raktopat ar mrityu,
kintu tabuo to pash diye choley jay anti-missile tank ,
ar mathar oporey urey jay bomaru biman.
Jhankey jhankey bulet chhotey mathar opor diye.

ekattorey shotrura katey Aminul el chhoto chheletar gala,
Dhalgramer Sakinakey chhenrey bideshi kuttara.
Maa,bap key durey rekhey asha tarun jubak
guli khay ,porey thakey dhanjomir dharey .
dan hater kanishthay jwoley bhalobashar angti jhikmik korey.
kothay gelo shei bauler shur?dotarar chhondey?

bari ,ghar feley dheu jey uthechhilo takhon , amio chhilam tar pashey,
shei shomotal matir banglay enechhilam tufan.
tabu..o mathar opor diye urey jay nishkarun bomber,
andhokarey baruder gandho nakey eshey lagey.
crawl kortey kortey jai ,bhengey feli dushmaner ghanti .
kintu shei ekattorey..... shoheed ar bijoyeer modhhey byabodhan khub...i kam chhilo .....
hoyto ba chhiloi na shedin.