Monday, May 2, 2011

who is closer to my jugular vein

tell me who are You?
are You that sweet fragrance stored in the flowers?
are You the One who gives luminance to the stars?
are You that song in the blue skies?
do You sing those enchanting notes in the soft breeze?
are You the glimmer of life in the mother's womb?
and also the grim harshness in the rough seas?
are You the cloud of grace showering on me?
are You the flash of lightning that flashes across the dark sky?
are You the one in the life sustaining mother's milk?
are you the spark of hope in the eyes those who suffer?
are You the humanity in the humans?
are You the innocent smile of a child?
tell me are You the one who is closer to my jugular vein?
remove the veil of my eyes ....King of Kings
let me see You at my last hour...