Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dohar [contd]

Mahatma Gandhi went to Badarpur{Barak Valley}accompanied by Ali Brothers to tell the ordinary people about the the hateful sickness of the society untouchability.Then the British Government immediately built the roads and upgraded the railway station .So the ladies of Badarpur wrote a song wnd it became quite famous.

it goes like this....Gandhi baro luk go Gandhi baro luk .
Ego Gandhi Raja disey sarak ,
jal bharibar shukh......

Small happiness of village ladies because the task to carry water for the family was on them .So "Gandhi Raja disey sarak jal bhoribar sukh".......

to be contd


Dohar [contd]

Moymonsingha Geetika:

Dohar sang a part of it where Noder Chand [son of the Zamindar] got the chance of meeting Mohua ,the gypsy girl in the water banks where she goes to fill water.
.......Noder Chand says Jal bharo Sundari Koinya jaley dish ne dheu........amar sathey kaona katha amar nai keu......
water bank is famous for such sweet talks but Mohua says Noder Chand should die by drowning himself.........Then he says ....Tumi hao gaheen gang ...ami duibya mori.....
Moymonsingha Geetika is a great work but alas written by a mere folk writer so it has not been given much importance by the so called literary world.If we could give some love and recognition to our folk singers and song writers.........I wonder.


Dhamayil is mostly sung by the womenfolk of the village.Mostly they sing Krishna Dhamayil where the love between Krishna and Radha is described.
The song which Dohar sang for us has an interesting background.......year 1921 mahatma Gandhi