Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a true love story

it is a true love story which i adore ...if there is any mistake readers please forgive because it is totally unintentional.Prophet's each saying ,each moment of His life teaches us beautiful lessons.....

two most kind eyes looked afar across the horizon....
loving heart,
a generous soul ....
throbbing for all the poor and the most deprived.

inner voice whispered to her...
'trust Him'
'love Him'
'give Him courage and hope'

love re-kindled in her gentle heart .
she was older and rich,
He was younger with very little means.

The great Beloved's ocean of love bound Them together.

the greatest love story of all times begun...
Their love was true and deep .......
constant like the sun...

She loved,
encouraged, and
believed ....
the Last Prophet,
like a true soldier,
till death took her away.

oh precious couple ,
oh adored ones ,
may Allah's love and glory shine upon You,
to show us the only true path,
follow the Final Testament of all times,
till the end of this world.


you are priceless ,precious and adored

the glow you feel inside
when you give freely to others ,
gifts of your heart ,
hope ,
kind word,
appreciation .....
the burden of the world seems weightless.

you touch another heart ,
with intangible gifts of yours,
create joy,
being calm,
stepping back and creating space,
you cherish your ability to give ,
and expect nothing in return .........

woman you are priceless,precious and adored.....
beloved of the Supreme Beloved.