Saturday, April 7, 2007

Life Lessons 4

Patience is one of my hardest lessons,perhaps the most frustrating one to learn.I've never been a patient person,now also not much but still slightly better than before.
One lesson of patience is that we don't always get what we want .
In the modern world people are not used to living with discomfort.Moreover to understand someone else's pain ,poverty , sadness or loss we don't have much time and patience........because patience is waiting.We want answers faster than they can be delivered.Everything is instantly available.
We no longer know how to wait,or even what waiting means.We are so used to instantly getting everything that our sense of waiting is not properly developed.It is nice to have what we want when we want it but the ability to delay gratification is important.
Many of us don't know how to live with things as they are,how to live in a situation just as it is.We think there's a difference between something not happening soon enough and its not playing out of the way we think it should.
The key to patience is knowing that everything is going to be fine,developing the faith that there is a plan.If we think it deeply ....patience is like a muscle it must be exercised and trusted.If we don't use it we wont have strong patience muscle to support us through life's bigger challenges.That's why it is so important to to develop a deep faith that healing is always at work.Despite our believe that things need our assistance ,most of the amazing things that happen in the world occur without our interference or assistance.We don't have to tell a cut to heal ,we don't have to tell a person to fall in love,we don't have to tell the cells in our bodies to divide.There is a power in the world.Trust that all things are moving towards the good even when we don't recognize or see it.
It is no accident that the noun 'patient' meaning person undergoing medical treatment and the adjective 'patient' meaning to tolerate affliction with calmness are connected.They come from latin word 'pati' which means 'to endure'.
We may think the story is about our health ,work,knowledge or our love life and want to change it......actually if we think deeply then we will understand that is is not about those things it is about is about the love ,humor,compassion and patience we bring to our life and its situations.
God and the universe works on us and not on the situations..The picture is much ....much bigger.He wants us to experience love and freedom in our lives.He wants us to experience life to the fullest.The key lies in trusting...........and having patience.