Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vedanta:our true nature is divine

Vedanta is one of the most ancient religious philosophies and one of its broadest. Vedanta affirms the Oneness of existence, the Divinity of the soul and the Harmony of religions. Vedanta is the philosophical foundation of Hinduism. Vedanta is Universal and is equally relevant to all countries , all cultures and all religious backgrounds.
A closer look at the word " Vedanta" is revealing , it is a combination of two words -"Veda" which means knowledge and "anta" which means the end of . In this context the goal of knowledge is not intellectual, the limited knowledge we acquire by reading books. " Knowledge" here means " the knowledge of God " as well as the "knowledge of our own divine nature". Vedanta then is the search for self knowledge as well as the search for God.
According to Vedanta- God is infinite existence, infinite consciousness, infinite love and infinite bliss.
Most importantly, God dwells within our own hearts as the divine self. This divine self is never born nor will it ever die, neither stained by our failings nor affected by the fluctuations of the body or mind. The divine self is not subject to grief , despair, disease or ignorance.
This pure , perfect , free from limitations -the divine self , Vedanta declares, is one with the impersonal ,transcendent reality. The greatest temple of God lies within the human heart.
Vedanta further asserts that the goal of human life is to realise and manifest our divinity. Not only is this possible but it is inevitable.Our real nature is divine; God realisation is our birthright. Sooner or later we will all manifest our divinity because the greatest truth of our existence is our own divine nature. Finally Vedanta affirms that all religions teach the same basic truth about God , the world and our relationship to one another.
Thousands of years ago the Rig Veda declared "truth is one". Sages call it by various names.

The world's religions offer varying approaches to God, each one true and valid, each religion offering the world a unique and irreplaceable path to God realisation. The conflicting messages we find among religions are due more to doctrines and dogmas than to reality of spiritual experience. While dis-similarities exist in the external observances of the world's religions, the internals bear remarkable similarities.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Ibn'Arabi said"Tradition has left us only words ;it is upto us to find out what they mean".He also said "The wise men will not allow himself to be tied to one form of belief"Such a large point of view is a priceless gift ,to be strived for and celebrated.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


God is the light
of the heavens and the earth.
The smile of God's light
is like a niche in which is a lamp,
the lamp in a globe of glass,
the globe of glass as if it were a shining star,
lit from a blessed olive tree
neither of the East nor of the West,
its light nearly luminous
even if fire did not touch it,
Light upon light,
God guides to this light
whomever God will,
and God gives people examples;
and God knows all things.

Qur'an -24:35 - Al 'Nuur - The light

Today this verse made me realize that until and unless He wants, me cannot even turn towards Him, so small so unworthy i am.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Again Rumi

......"Move beyond my attachment to names"
Every war and every conflict between human beings has happened
because of some disagreement between names.

It is such an unnecessary foolishness,because just beyond the arguing there's
a long table of companionship set and waiting for us to sit down."
"What is praised is One,so the praise is One too,
many jugs are poured into a huge basin.
All religions ,all this singing one song.

The differences are just illusion and vanity.
sunlight looks slightly different on this wall,
that it does on that wall and a lot different on this other one,
but it is still one light.
We have borrowed these clothes,these time and space personalities,
from a light,and when we praise,we pour them back in"

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi ......

Life Lessons 3


Love ,that thing I have great difficulty even describing,is the only truly real and lasting experience of life.It is the essence of relationships,the core of creativity,the grace of Almighty ,an itricate part of who we really are.

Love has nothing to do with knowledge,education,age or power,it is beyond behaviour.It is the only gift in life that is not lost and which we can give really give and receive .Love is the source of truth.

Some spend their lives searching for love.We are afraid we will never have it,that if we find it we will lose it and fearing it will not last.We think we know what love looks like ,since we formed pictures of it during childhood.The most common picture is the romantic love,when we meet someone special ,we surely feel whole,everything is wonderful and we live happily ever after.

Ofcourse we are brokenhearted when in real life ,we have to fill in the not so romantic details,when we find out that most of the love we give and receive is conditional.
Even the love for and from the families and friends is based on expectations and conditions .When the expectations and conditions are not met we find ourselves in loveless relationships.
Fortunately true love is possible,we can feel the love we had hoped for .It does exist but not in our approach to love.It does not live in the dream of finding the perfect mate .The wholeness we seek lives here,with and within us ,now in reality.

We're loved because of what we do for others,how much we earn,how funny we are,how we treat our children or keep our houses and so on....list can be endless.We find it hard to love people just the way they are.
Conditions on love are weights on our relationships.When we release the conditions ,we can find love in many ways we never thought possible.One of the greatest obstacles to giving unconditional love is our inner fear that the love may not be returned.We don't realize that the feeling we seek lies in the giving ,not in the receiving.Love others in freedom and without fear.

Love is always present in our life ,in all our wonderful experiences and even in losing our special loved ones.Love is what gives our days their deep meaning,it is what we are truly made of because our Beloved Maker is Love.
Love is very much alive and within us all.Love is our experience of the Divine,of sacred holiness.Love is the greatest gift from God ,love is the richness all around us.It is ours for giving and receiving unconditionally .

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Islam: Verse of the Throne

The Holy Q'uran refers to God as Rabb-al-Alameen,the Lord of all creation[literally 'the worlds'].The whole of the cosmos,nature as well as humanity is created and sustained by God.This notion of sovereignty is expressed in the following 'verse of the Throne'

Allah,there is no God but He,
the living the Eternal.
Neither slumber nor sleep seizes Him.
To Him belongs what is in the heavens and
in the earth.
who can intercede with Him,
except by His permission?
He knows what lies before them
and after them,
and they know nothing of His knowledge.
Save such as He wills .
His throne encompasses the heaven,
and the earth ,
and He never wearies of preserving them.
He is sublime,the Exalted.

Shree loves this verse .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life Lessons 2


We will have many relationships in our lifetime.Our partners ,friends and significant others we choose but others such as parents and siblings are chosen for us.

Relationships offer us the biggest opportunities for learning lessons in life ,for discovering who we are,what we fear, where our power comes from and the true meaning of love .
We tend to think that we have relationship with relatively few people but the truth is we have relationships with everybody we meet, be they friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers or simply passer-by's. The attitude we bring to one relationship- positive or negative, loving, hopeful, encouraging, its we who bring to them all. We have the choice of bringing a little or a lot of love to each of our relationships. We have so much love all around need to categorise them.

There is no mistake in relationships, everything unfolds the way its supposed to. We learn through them to see our own souls, with their rich topography,and to deliver ourselves to healing.

When we let go of our preconceived agendas in loving relationships, we set aside questions of whom we will love and for how long. We transcend these limits to find a love that is magical and created by HIM....just for us.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Life Lessons 1


Most of us think of happiness as a reaction to an event,but it is actually a state of mind that has very little to do with what is going on around us.
We have seen over and over that lasting happiness is not found in winning lottery,having a beautiful body or eliminating wrinkles.All these things are temporarily elating ,but the thrill quickly wears off and we are soon as happy or unhappy as we were before.
While happiness is our natural state,we've been trained to feel more comfortable with unhappiness.In a strange way we are not used to happiness ;at times it feels not only unnatural but undeserved.
We are God's precious children.We are meant to enjoy all wonders around us and we must remember that we have more to give to others ,to the suffering when we ourselves are happy.

In reality ,happy people are the least self-absorbed and self-centered among us.They often volunteer their time and provide service to others,they are often kinder,more loving ,forgiving and caring than their unhappy counterparts.Happiness expands our capacity to give.
Happiness is not the result of an event,it does not depend on circumstances.WE i repeat WE determine our happiness and not what is going on around us.


Amra ghenna kori judhho

Jano ki shoheed ar bijoyeer moddhey byabodhan khub...i kom,
hoyto ba dujonei joddha..
amra ghenna kori juddho ,raktopat ar mrityu,
kintu tabuo to pash diye choley jay anti-missile tank ,
ar mathar oporey urey jay bomaru biman.
Jhankey jhankey bulet chhotey mathar opor diye.

ekattorey shotrura katey Aminul el chhoto chheletar gala,
Dhalgramer Sakinakey chhenrey bideshi kuttara.
Maa,bap key durey rekhey asha tarun jubak
guli khay ,porey thakey dhanjomir dharey .
dan hater kanishthay jwoley bhalobashar angti jhikmik korey.
kothay gelo shei bauler shur?dotarar chhondey?

bari ,ghar feley dheu jey uthechhilo takhon , amio chhilam tar pashey,
shei shomotal matir banglay enechhilam tufan.
tabu..o mathar opor diye urey jay nishkarun bomber,
andhokarey baruder gandho nakey eshey lagey.
crawl kortey kortey jai ,bhengey feli dushmaner ghanti .
kintu shei ekattorey..... shoheed ar bijoyeer modhhey byabodhan khub...i kam chhilo .....
hoyto ba chhiloi na shedin.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dohar [contd]

Mahatma Gandhi went to Badarpur{Barak Valley}accompanied by Ali Brothers to tell the ordinary people about the the hateful sickness of the society untouchability.Then the British Government immediately built the roads and upgraded the railway station .So the ladies of Badarpur wrote a song wnd it became quite famous.

it goes like this....Gandhi baro luk go Gandhi baro luk .
Ego Gandhi Raja disey sarak ,
jal bharibar shukh......

Small happiness of village ladies because the task to carry water for the family was on them .So "Gandhi Raja disey sarak jal bhoribar sukh".......

to be contd


Dohar [contd]

Moymonsingha Geetika:

Dohar sang a part of it where Noder Chand [son of the Zamindar] got the chance of meeting Mohua ,the gypsy girl in the water banks where she goes to fill water.
.......Noder Chand says Jal bharo Sundari Koinya jaley dish ne dheu........amar sathey kaona katha amar nai keu......
water bank is famous for such sweet talks but Mohua says Noder Chand should die by drowning himself.........Then he says ....Tumi hao gaheen gang ...ami duibya mori.....
Moymonsingha Geetika is a great work but alas written by a mere folk writer so it has not been given much importance by the so called literary world.If we could give some love and recognition to our folk singers and song writers.........I wonder.


Dhamayil is mostly sung by the womenfolk of the village.Mostly they sing Krishna Dhamayil where the love between Krishna and Radha is described.
The song which Dohar sang for us has an interesting background.......year 1921 mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dohar a bangla band sings folksongs of eastern India and Bangladesh

After a long gap of few years Dohar came back to us ........sang songs of Hashon Raja ,Lalon Fakir and the most impressive one is a song written by Abdul Karim who is 90+ and lives in a village in Sunamgunj[Bangladesh]

The most lovely thing Abdul Karim Saab says and believes that very soon a day will come when this world will be the world of and for Bauls[i don't have exact English equivalent of Baul,they are the singing minstrels of Bengal those who believe in the oneness of God and His unending love for us mortals]

All the classical music has a 'gharana 'whereas the folksongs have a'bahiriyana' that is the songs are mostly sung outside in the fields,while they are fishing,sowing paddy or simply racing boats for example Baich,Sari gaan ,Murshidi gaan,Bhatiyali,Bihu,Gajon er gaan,Dhamayil,Goalparia gaan,Bhayoaiya-chatka gaan,Jhumur and the songs written by the Fakirs and Bauls of Bengal are really extremely meaningful and and deeply God loving.They believe in the oneness of God the Beloved.

Folksongs have a quality which could be compared with flowing changes its course ,language and becomes more and more deep in its meaning ...
I must congratulate...Kalikaproshad,Tarun,Rajiv,Niranjanda,Shomnath,Chhotu,Mrigonavi for singing such beautiful songs ......Yes we love them and want them to sing more and more for us.
I will write about each type of songs in detail later.
Gyan manch atmosphere was electrifying.all of us were singing and clapping with the singers.THey have excellent rapport with the audience.Shabash and Shukriya Dohar for giving us such a lovely evening......

To be contd.


Monday, March 19, 2007


"When you are inspired by some great purpose,some extraordinary project ,
all your thoughts break their bonds:your mind transcendents limitation,your conciousness expands in every direction,and you find yourself in a new great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces ,faculties and talents become alive,and you discover yourself to be a great person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be"

Patanjali[the father of yoga]

thanks to Ajaysingniranjan


In His time

In His time,in His time
He makes all things beautiful in His time
O Lord show me everyday,
as You're teaching me Your way,
That You do just what You say in Your time.

In Your time,in Your time,
You make all things meaningful in Your time,
O Beloved my life to You I bring,
With its winter and its spring,
May I fathom everything in Your time.

There's a time,there's a time
Both for sowing and for reaping,there's time
Time for giving ,time for gain,
Time for joy and time for pain,
Every purpose under heaven has a time.

There are time ,there are days
Weeks and months we can't understand His ways,
If for years we fail to scan
What is His eternal plan,
We'll remember that He can,all the time.

Theme taken from a Bangla hymn


Friday, March 16, 2007

Celebrate differences

Often people say they are upset that life is full of contradictions.
But life is not so small that we can put it into compartments like good and bad,right and wrong,
black and white or evil and noble.
Life is vast,so vast that it is big enough to include contradictions in its fold.
One has to accept them gracefully and at the same time change whatever is possible.
We have to learn to accept what cannot be changed.
While we were discussing differences,let us also accept the fact that the context of a relationship should be one of love and not of expectations.
Love has to go through transformation and purification.
Only then would we find that we are bigger than our differences.
One should be creative in a relationship
Learn to enjoy the differences.
The most important aspect in a relationship is that we should stand for inner growth and not of ego.
We can operate either for personality or from innocence.
Personality come from ego while innocence comes from childlike nature.
That which arises out of ego makes one feel heavy whereas what arises out of childlike innocence
makes one feel light.
When we operate from innocence our logic will have a different lustre,our understanding would have a different aura.It becomes divine.
Life is an adventure---get into it
Life is a struggle--make it sacred
Life is a tragedy--grow from it
Life is a beauty--feel it
Life is a bliss--experience it

(Taken from Swami Sukhabodhananda's article)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kashmiri Shaivaites

According to the school of Kashmiri Shaivaites entitled Spanda,the central role for a human devotee is not played by Shiva but by the Shakti.This is not paradoxicalbecause in the spiritual vision of Shaivism ,Shiva and Shakti are not two separate realities.
Shiva and Shakti are two in oneand they seem separate only for the ignorant and limited mindthat is subjectedto duality.

In truth Shiva is Shakti and Shakti is Shiva,when we have conciousness,there is energy.
When we have energy there is conciousness,who animates that energy.
Therefore for the aspirant to spiritual liberation,the instrument[path]is Shakti
and not Shiva.
Shiva is the trancendent aspect of the divine being ,beyond any mental representation.
anything we could imagine about Shiva is not Shiva because Shiva cannot be defined,cannot be thought,cannot be revoked.
The tale about Shiva splitting into two halves of male and female indicates the origin of Ardhanarishwar
the union of spirit of material,the Being and its force.He is above spirit and material.
Shiva is also described as Anaadi[without beginning/birth] and Ananta[without end/death].


Lal tuktukey polash gachhtalay

Kabey je dekhechhilam ,
Lal tuktukey futanto polash gachh talay,
Maa gorchhey ruti ar chheleymeyera ,
gol hoye ghirey achhey ganganey ununer charpashe.
Tader mukher hashi ,khuchro katha ,
matiye tulechhey gachhtalata.

Rannaghar nei otheyr,
tatey ki holo?
Achhena gachhtalata?
Maati diye nikono porishkar uthoner dharey.

Sharadin rickshaw chaliye haklanto baba ,
enechhey kilokhanek aata,gamchhay bendhey.
Diner sheshey tai diye gora hochhey ruti,
Shabthekey pichhita maar pithey jhultey ,jhultey bolchhey....
Maa rey ar ekta ruti de na Maa...

Porishromer telghameychakchak mukh.
Chokhey ashey jal ghoniye ,
buker bhetorey uthalpathal kortey thakey.......
Shob...i to gonagunti..
shei kon shokaley kochider mukhe tuley ditey
perechhilo aj pantabhat kanchalanka mekhey.

Ajkal ar bhagchashey hoyna kichhu..i,
Tai Maakeo khattey berotey hoy roj..i,
Kolerta..key pithey bendhey.
Shob sheshey
Maa boshey ,
shishuder akkhor porichoy koraye,
gaan gay ghumparani ar galpo boley jinporider...
Doridrer songsharey ei to anek.

Nun antey panta furono ei deshey,
koti,koti baritey ....
roj..i shona jaye shei ek...i karun abdar....
Maa rey ar ekta ruti de na maa.
tai jakhon..i lal tuktukey polash gachhey chhokh porey,
kaney bejey othey .....oi ekti katha,
Maa rey ar ekta ruti de na maa.

[sotti ghatona abolambaney]


Monday, March 12, 2007

Again Rumi

The breeze of dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth
across the doorsill,
where the two worlds touch.
the door is round and open ,
Don't go back to sleep.

From The Essential Rumi 'translation by Coleman Barks with John Moyne 1995 chap:4

Be content with own nothingness

Let me drown myself in solitude,
alone in a crowd,
and be content with own nothingness.
No fame,no recognition,
no rose petals to shower ,
No pain in the heart only
be content with own nothingness.
With so much peace within,
nothing can come between,
me and my nothingness.

Its a Divine Gift,
the journey of discovering oneself from within.
By lifting the veil on my heart,
and my offered prayer and the loving work ,
of my two weak hands.......You are teaching me to remember,
who am I in this karmic cycle of my life,
and be content with own nothingness.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Renunciation by Thiruvalluvar[a 7th century mystic from Tamil naadu]

"Cling to one who clings to nothing,
And so clinging cease to cling.''

Ghunt chandni pee hai humney

A poem by Amrita Pritam

Ambar ki ek paak surahi,
Ghunt chandni pee hai humney,
Baadal ki ek jaam uthakar,
Baat kufr ki kee hai humney.

I had a little moonlight today.

Unmesh hok tritiyo nayaner

Prithibir ei apushpito khhaney,
ahongshunyo boiragir darkar anek.
Jara hridoyer porda tuley niye jaabey
antarer diwan-i-khas ey aam janotakey.
Jekhaney prem..i shotto o chirontan, shwadhin ar amitwobiheen.
Jekhaney probonota achhey shudhu diye jabar,
paripurno bhabey ,nirvoye, firey pabar ashaheen,
tibro bhalobashay.......

Bejey cholechhey drimi-drimi madol shei mahashunyo theke,
amar...i hridoye.
Bolchhey ek..i katha anadi ananto kaal hotey...
Tuley dao porda hridoyer ...utthishthato,jagrato....
Unmesh hok tritiyo nayaner.
Biliye dao nijekey sharbojaner maajhey puropuri kichhu...i na rekhey.
Medha ,bitto,prem ,bhalobasha ,somoy ...o...nijeke...o.
Amitwoheen prem...e.

Prakriti o purush....yin ar yan,
korchhey purno samashto apurnata,
amar jiboner ....hridoyer maajhey.
fota fota jhorey porchhey madhu,
dwidal padmer opor dheerey ati dheerey.
Madhumoy korey tulchhey jibon....akash...batash...sarbo chorachar.
Jochonay dhuye jachhey amar ei beparda hridoy,
ar cholechhi ami Tar...i amogh akorshaney ,
Charaibeti....charaibeti......shahanar surey.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Song of Lalan

As the man and woman in me
unites in love,
The brilliant beauty
Balanced on the two petalled lotus
Within me
Dazzles my eyes.
The rays
Outshine the moon
and the jewels.
Glowing on the hoods of snakes.

My skin and bone,
are turned to gold.
I am the reservoir of love
alive on the waves.
A single drop of water ,
has grown into a sea......


From Ashtavakra Gita 13:1

Even if you have nothing,
it is hard to find that contentment...
which comes from renunciation.

I accept nothing,
I reject nothing,
And I am happy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The wealthy poor

Mother Teresa once heard of a starving widow in a slum in Kolkata.
She took a plate of rice and curry and went to visit her.
Mother entered the little hut sat on the floor, and placed the food before the woman.
The widow uncovered the packet and saw what it was. She took the plate and went out.
When she returned Mother asked her where she had gone? "Just across the road.", she replied,"is a friend who has also not eaten for three days. I went to give her some of the food you brought."
It is the state of our mind that decides whether we live in ABUNDANCE OR IN SCARCITY.

It is also seen generally that those who donot have or have scarce are the ones who are ready to share in greater abundance than the one who has in abundance.

The poor wealthy

John .D.Rockfeller made his first million dollars by the age of 33.He once sent a load of grain worth 40,000 dollars by ship.he did not insure his cargo.he felt that it was a waste....150 dollars .
A few days later he heard of a giant storm somewhere on the route of his ship.
Rockfeller could not sleep the entire night,worrying about his cargo.
Early next morning ,he sent his assistant to try and buy insurance,if it was not already too late.

Afew hours later the assistant returned,happy with proper insurance.But
he found Rockfeller more sick than ever.
A telegram had just arrived with the news that his ship had reached
safe and sound.Rockfeller was veru sad because he had spent 150 dollers "unnecessarily".


Boiragyo.......ekti jibon darshon .moner majhey bhabtey hobe amra ki daridrer moddhey pachurjyo
{abundance in scarcity} dekhi na prachurjer moddhey daridro{scarcity in abundance} dekhi.

Jara chokh khuley ghumoy tader jagabey ke?
Ishwar amader ParamPriyo shob kichhu ...i amder jiboney adhelbhabey dhele diyechhen,
amra bhabi kono prachurjyo...i nei ,achhey shudhu daridrota.

Amader moner moddhey....i achhey prachurjyo ar daridro....duto..i.
Ei manobhaber jonyo amra shob kichhu dhorey rakhtey chai amar ...amar korey.
tulona kortey thaki nijekey ar dashjoner songey ....kar kato achhey ei bhebey dukkho pai shob somoy.bhabi shobkichhu..i shesh hoye jabey tai jatokhani muthitey dhorey tar theke beshi
khamchey ,khubley nao.

duto galpo poreychhilam anekdin agey shey duto nichhe likhchhi....ashakori bhalo lagbey.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Anekdin dhorei bhabchhi kichhu kichhu manush achhey jara shwabhab' boiragi'.
Sheta jeno tar deher alonkar ,moner oishorjyo.
Amader jibon theke ki tabey 'boiragyo' hariye gechhey?
Ei indur dour ar bhogbader jugey
kakey bola jete parey "Boiragyo" r katha

Jha chakchakey restaurant thekey shubesha tarun, taruni
aproyojone anek khadyobashtu galadhokaran korey dekur tultey tultey
eshey othey chalokbahito bideshi garitey.
Pashei footpath...e shue achhey jirnoboshtra garib fakirani.
Mashanteo tar jotena bhorpet khadyo.
Karur ki mone hoy janina ...janina ...

Daridrokey lalater bhushon kara khub shahoj kaj ki?
Hoy to na.
Tai ami eat...i mone kori aponi achori dharmo aparey shikhao.
Ek shondhyay paneeyer pechhoney hajar hajar taka kharoch
kortey para manushti key ki bolbo?
Puropuri bhog na korle..o to 'boiragyo' ashtey parey na.

to be continued


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Firey ashey Baul batash....[ekti upanyash.part-I....]

Der bachhorer thekey amar motamuti shob kichhu smriti tey gantha achhey ,
ki korey achhey ta janina.hoy to anek galpo shuntam tai khub kalpona probon chhilam.

babar haat dhorey Purir samudrashoikotey berano,babar pocket thekey
lukiye lukiye anginar oshudh khaoa .....shob ...shob...mone achhey .

Jagannathdeb er pujo ditey jaoa shetao khub mojar ,ar je hotel..e ami ar baba thaktam tader ma pagol chhilen .amar prothom kono pagol key samna samni dekha ,ebong amar bhoy koreni kintu
shei boba drishtir samney dariye thaktey khub kashto hoyechhilo....
keno janina.
roj babar hat dhorey ami bhorbela shomudrer dharey surjyodoy dekhtey jetam.thik
bishal baro kamalalebur mato surjyo amar chokher samney astey astey uthe asten purba diganto ranga korey .

shomudrer joltao mone hoto kamala ronger.
ami abak hoye takiye thaktam shei apurbo shoundarjyor be contd.......Shree

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Friend of the Beloved

1.A friend of God must have a affection like the sun.
The sun uses its beneficial effects to all.
All persons derive heat and light from it ,irrespective of whether they are Muslim ,Hindu,Sikh ,Christian etc etc

2.A friend of God must be generous like an ocean or a river.
We all get water from the river or sea to quench our thirst.
No discrimination is made whether we are good or bad,
or whether we are a relation or stranger.

3.A friend of God is one who has the quality of hospitality,
like the earth.We areraised and cradled in its lap and it is always spread below our feet.

The noblest of character is possessed by one who is;
a.bountiful in poverty.

b.content in hunger.

c.cheerful in grief.

d.friendly in hostility.


In the swinging of the branches,in the flying of the birds,
and in the running of the water ,
Beloved ,I see Thy waving hand,
bidding me good bye.

In the cooing of the wind ,
in the roaring of the sea ,
and in the crashing of the thunder,
Beloved ,I see Thee weep and I hear Thy cry.

In the promise of the dawn,
in the breaking of the morn ,
in the smiles of the rose,
Beloved I see Thy joy at my homecoming.

Taken from Bowl of Saki....
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Friday, March 2, 2007

Firey ashey Baul batash....[ekti upanyash.part-I....]

Part-I Chele ghumolo para jurolo borgi elo deshey......

Chhotobelay maer kachhey ei chhorar gungununi shuntey shuntey ghumiye
portam kol ghenshey.porey anek porey jantey perechhilam ei borgira..i chhilen
amar purbopurush.Maharashtra thekey eshey ghar bendhechhilen Orrisa tey
ar tarpor Howrar chhoto ekta gram...e naam Pero Basantopur.

Baba ar prem o biye hoy shoilo shahor Shillong..e.Amar money hoto
Shesher Kobitar .....Amit ar Labonyo......hahaha keu ki bhabey naki erakom?

Amar Catholic Baba ar Brahmo tritiyo shontan ami.
Adorer kamti chhilona ekebare...i . chhotobela ketechhey Dhaka tey,porashona shekhanei....Dhaka university thekey economics niye porechiilen.Baba abar puropuri ei..Banglar porashona shob.
Dujone..i chhilen politically active she shomoye ,commune e thaka ,khaoa ityadi.
Bari thekey dujonkei tariye deoa hoyechhilo rajnoitik matadarsher jonyo.

To be contd


Holi amar praner

Colour me now,colour my very soul,
before You leave me for eternity
Colour me with Your song and dance.
Colour me in Your secret melody and tune.
Colour me in Your light of laughter and sorrow
Colour me with the kindness of Your tears and ecstatic love.
May Your colour,colour my very soul and my being.



A human being is unique in his/her own way.In Beloved's eyes we are extremely precious.He has created us in His own image and He loves us immensely.

No one absolutely no one should take or should get any advantage for belonging to a
particular race,religion ,class ,colour or creed.Then that becomes partiality,which is totally
unacceptable in His kingdom.

As I have One single God Whom I seek ,Whom I adore and Whom I pray and love.


Thoughts during Lent

A different approach to fasting;

Fasts have a tendency to be oriented towards things like giving up one's favourite food,drink,smoke ,television etc etc.But there are many other ways I can welcome Lord's healing and loving touch in my life.

Fast from anger and hatred .
Lets give my near and dear ones an extra dose of love everyday.Let me give
my unloved ones double dose of love.

Fast from judging others.
before making any judgement s lets recall how my Beloved God
overlooks my faults and brokenness.

Fast from discouragement.
Hold on to God's promise that He has a perfect plan for each one of us.

Fast from complaining.
when I find myself about to complain ,now I close my eyes and recall some
of the little moments of joy my Beloved has given me.

Fast from bitterness and resentment.
I must keep on forgiving those who may have hurt me in the journey of my life and
keep forgetting the pain they have caused me.

Fast from spending money .
Try to reduce my spending by at least twenty percent and give those savings to the needy.