Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in celebration

friends in life are precious,
something to cherish,
some last and others lost,
thats the way it is.
life is like a running stream that flows
through many ups and downs
beating rocks ,storm and many earthquakes.

a companion in journey
brings many blessings
help to unfold the mysteries in life,
in the discovery of self.
in self realization,
in celebration.

a little hurt,
a tiny mistake,
a small misunderstanding,
bit of anger and resentment,
losing control of self ,
all create wall and division.

some are lost coz ,
heart has very little place in friendship
brain and logic rules,
how the heart should behave.
time conscious,
measuring things ,moments even friendship,
friendship directed to self.

compartmentalize life,
they see life in bits and pieces.
no time even for themselves,
busy all the time ,
result oriented relation .
professionalism is the way of life .
they strive to gain and win always .
profit is the drive.
losses not expected ,not wanted .
only to win in all .....

they stand on sand ,
daily toil and energy
become desert heat and burn and lost.
the lost ones are the wounds in the heart .
they become the turning points in life at times.
its the way in life .
all pass through this .
acceptance of this reality makes life ,
worth and meaningful.

surrendering totally gives
lasting friendship.
in emptying self we gain heaven.
on this Earth.





feel in your heart.......
the world appears because of He ,
but of He is no trace.
His love bestowed on you oh fakir,
with ever loving grace......

to you.