Sunday, December 24, 2006

Message of Christmas

Ev'ry tiny star that twinkles in the night sky
Ev'ry drop of morning dew,
Ev'ry spark of fire blazing in the furnace
Ev'ry captivating view
Ev'ry rainbow in the sky,Ev'ry pretty butterfly,Tells the facinating news
To those who dare to hope
And the message is

God still loves the world.
God still still loves the world
So throw your life into His hands
Day by day discern His plans:
God is passionatelybusy loving you and me.

Ev'ry ocean waves that beraks upon the seashore ,
Ev'ry stalk of golden wheat,
Ev'ry silver stream that gushes down the mountain,
Ev'ry drop of honey sweet ,
Ev'ry eagle flying high ,
Ev'ry worm that wriggles by,
Tells the fascinating news
To thosewho dare to hope,
And the message is

God still..................

Ev'ry man and woman pledged in love for ever ,
Ev'ry little new born child ,
Ev'ry voice in favour of a needy neighbour ,
Ev'ry radiating smile
Ev'ry hand that offers love ,
Ev'ry surging flow of blood,
Tells the fascinating news
To those who dare to hope,
And the message is .

God still.................

Taken from Hymnal Shree


Sadiq M. Alam said...

Beautiful indeed!!

Yes the doctrine of Love that permeates everything in every age.

the mystics have realized from the time immemorial that God is all. He is the Love itself, the Lover and the Beloved.

what else do we need?

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atanu said...
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