Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life Lessons 3


Love ,that thing I have great difficulty even describing,is the only truly real and lasting experience of life.It is the essence of relationships,the core of creativity,the grace of Almighty ,an itricate part of who we really are.

Love has nothing to do with knowledge,education,age or power,it is beyond behaviour.It is the only gift in life that is not lost and which we can give really give and receive .Love is the source of truth.

Some spend their lives searching for love.We are afraid we will never have it,that if we find it we will lose it and fearing it will not last.We think we know what love looks like ,since we formed pictures of it during childhood.The most common picture is the romantic love,when we meet someone special ,we surely feel whole,everything is wonderful and we live happily ever after.

Ofcourse we are brokenhearted when in real life ,we have to fill in the not so romantic details,when we find out that most of the love we give and receive is conditional.
Even the love for and from the families and friends is based on expectations and conditions .When the expectations and conditions are not met we find ourselves in loveless relationships.
Fortunately true love is possible,we can feel the love we had hoped for .It does exist but not in our approach to love.It does not live in the dream of finding the perfect mate .The wholeness we seek lives here,with and within us ,now in reality.

We're loved because of what we do for others,how much we earn,how funny we are,how we treat our children or keep our houses and so on....list can be endless.We find it hard to love people just the way they are.
Conditions on love are weights on our relationships.When we release the conditions ,we can find love in many ways we never thought possible.One of the greatest obstacles to giving unconditional love is our inner fear that the love may not be returned.We don't realize that the feeling we seek lies in the giving ,not in the receiving.Love others in freedom and without fear.

Love is always present in our life ,in all our wonderful experiences and even in losing our special loved ones.Love is what gives our days their deep meaning,it is what we are truly made of because our Beloved Maker is Love.
Love is very much alive and within us all.Love is our experience of the Divine,of sacred holiness.Love is the greatest gift from God ,love is the richness all around us.It is ours for giving and receiving unconditionally .

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arup67 said...

lovely thoughts.
a man and a woman ware walking on the beach - hand in hand - entwined in each other.obviously in love - the social relationship was not important.their ethinicity, nationality, religion, caste, creed were also not importatnt because the expression of love is the same all over the world. the expression for hate, anger,jealousy etc. etc., even happiness and sorrow differ from man to man. but the expression of love is the same - that of GIVING unconditionally.