Monday, April 23, 2007


Searched for my Beloved everywhere vain
wise men asked me to wait ........coz only foolish fall in love.
Spent my life giving others what i have not........
Then The Truth stood n looked into my eyes with all tenderness
n whispered 'you are Me'
my world stopped for eternity.....
And in that silence i saw all my miseries have turned into celebration
curses into blessings.

From all the suffering n pain i was born again..........afresh
like a sunflower.
To receive Him in His heart coz now there is no i no me only Him.



atanu said...

Surjamukhi tumi ki jano raater bedona ?
Suktara go ekai tumi brithai kedona
Dhulite bhara parag niye kusum fote na
Shanto jale batash bina dheu tho othe na

irving said...

Lovely :) What a treat you are, like a sunflower.

Ya Haqq!

Indraneel said...

bhaloi likhecho!!! :)
thanks for sharing!!!