Friday, June 29, 2007

The Kaa'ba Within

Let me walk inside the heart within,
and dive into the ocean of peace.
Sat quietly beside this ocean and
saw that He has fed our souls
with blossoms of love.........

In each heartbeat the huge wave of love comes
and drowns me in its thousand fold
tosses and turns me in its rhythm..............

Oh heart of my heart or is it Yours now?
made into Your Divine Abode ........The Kaa'ba Within........................

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raje'un
From Allah do we come and to Him we return



Indraneel said...

love this
your intensity of feelings has been partly and effectively revealed thru the poetry. looking forward for more such poetry!!

atanu said...

bhalobasho.manush manusheri janyo.tatei bagaban achhen. tatei Take paoa jai.

atanu said...

What I sai in the previous comment in Bangla is :
Love is all pervasive.Let the love in your heart flow for the mankind since human beings are for human beings only. In that only you get HIM.

atanu said...

When you sit beside the sea of love in your heart, you perceive joy, happiness and 'sukh'. But when you immerse yourself in that sea, you experience 'ananda' - something sublime, ethereal, which through sharing with others you obtain HIM in you own self.

irving said...

Alhamdulillah, the drop has fallen in the ocean, and all is love :)

Lovely poetry :)

Ya Haqq!