Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Oh light within
lets have a talk
whispering to each other
heart to heart
soul to soul.............
in silence.

radiating softly the inner glow
heart expands
touches the horizon
of the infinite multiverse
fragrance of Beloved
wipe away the nafs
to have a nafs-kushi
in silence.

sky giggles........
stars nod lovingly
and the raindrops shower
pearls of love
full of bliss.......
in silence.



Anonymous said...

How lovely!! How come you write this poem dear Priya? Surely you are the blessed one

blessing & love


Indraneel said...

felt really great to see ur posts after such a long time. i read it quite some time back, though did not comment. :-)

keep smiling

atanu said...

the last stanza is a gem of expression.beautiful poetry.

irving said...

silence, silence, silence, yes, and the Beloved bursts forth everywhere, and all is Love :)

A beautiful poem :)

Ya Haqq!

Nima said...

This poem really blew me away! It is fantastic. I haven't been active on blogs for a while, this was just so refreshing.



waynocook said...

I am continually brought to tears by the beauty of your writing.