Saturday, October 13, 2007

my glorious gift

wonder what will be my gift from Him in this festive season?
coming back to innocence?
a loving heart?
a pure soul?
or wealth? health? happiness?
doll of dust could not think beyond .............

Beloved held my face in His blessed hands,
and whispered 'I give Myself to you My precious'
the time stood still,
heart stopped for a moment,
He smiled gently into my eyes,
the universe radiated His glory,
could hear the chanting of mantra ,
divine hymn,
sound of conch shells,
ringing of bells,
prayer came true ............. my wildest dream.....
The King of Kings came to me ,
as my glorious gift........

EID MUBARAK to all.......

dedicated to Sadiq


irving said...

Innocence, a loving heart, a pure soul :) These are truly gifts from Hu! And to dedicate it to our brother Sadiq is wonderful :)

Alhamdulillah! for the gift of your lovely poetry, dear Sister :)

Ya Haqq!

shree said...

Dear brother Irving you say things so simply that it really touches heart.thank you is not enough i am truly honoured and grateful to you .yes and what Sadiq does is really wonderful is a small token to say thank you to him....

rabu said...

Sadiq will be very happy to see this.


Sadiq Alam said...

Very Beautiful!

i am so blessed and grateful for your presence!

thanks for this lovely dedication.

thanks for who you are!

waynocook said...

You have great friends, also have great writing....I have just today, been able to return and enjoy it. I hope to post some new things on my site soon. Thank you for your friendship...God bless you.