Monday, December 24, 2007

Last night when you wept did I not respond?

plateful of goodies ,wine is flowing ,
nightlong dancing going on ....
it is the festival time .

whose festival is this anyway?i ask,
the mother who is sitting like a scared animal with two kids,
in the dark corner of the pavement.she had been raped twice last night.
is it for those two kids?or the
little baby in the orphanage?
left by her unwed mother under the mango tree.
body half eaten by big ants.
crying for some milk...

whose festival is this anyway?i ask ,
for the father who worked extra to earn a bit more ?
to buy new dresses for the little ones at home,
but the factory has closed down last night......
or for the old lady shivering in her dark hole of a room?
her sons died in the ethnic war .....
oh Dearest whom are you giving your gifts?this festival please ,please
touch my heart with Your brightest loving light...
to feel the sorrow of others in my poor little heart....

Last night when you wept did I not respond?
Continue your reading.....
and you read.
"God's earth is wide and those who persevere patiently will be given a full and unstinting reward.'' say ''I have been commanded to serve God .Dedicating my worship entirely to Him''

so rise again beloved
and come to Me,
Into My Arms
I am the Friend
The Beloved
The One.



Rabu said...

Whose festive is this? Big question for us, specially for Muslim & Christan.

Really , we forget what we are doing where we are going.

It's very touching, heartwarming .

Now I understand our morning conversation.

darvish said...

Very touching and sad also, it made me weep and pray. Alhamdulillah, for such tears of compassion.

Thank you,

Ya Haqq!

safa said...
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safa said...

Tenderly beautiful and softly soul-caressing, dear shree in Faith and Love!

Sadiq Alam said...

thanks for awakening the conscience and making us, as human ashamed. we badly need to be ashamed often times, specially in this age.

well captured.

Maithri said...

Deeply moving,

Today at the dawn of this new year
it feels as though...

One voice
of grace
whispering love
into the storm

is more powerful
than all the clamour
and disharmony around us.

Keep singing love...

You will call fire from the sky,