Sunday, January 6, 2008

the eternal fragrance.....woman

i took extensive help from danny sillada's writing...thanks to him

this write up is a tribute to all women who have loved,suffered,battered,bruised sacrificed and adored.....

woman in my are eternal....precious .......

How many men have failed to understand a woman her wants and needs not in context of physical and emotional fulfilment but on the level of intellectual stimulation that a woman of passion and reason craves and desires?
A woman can be attracted to a man because of his looks at first but the moment he speaks,he will either arouse her curiosity or bore her to death.
She may yawn or look afar as a sign of discontent in front of a boring and
insensitive person.
But when her blood rushes towards her cheeks and her eyes glow with unknown radiance is a sign that she is at the peak of her intellectual and emotional experience.

So what does really a woman need and desire in a man and what brings he to the fullest experience of her femininity as a woman? A good lover does not need to be very handsome or need to have plenty of material possession to impress a woman but wit,passion ,a rational mind and a sensitive heart to stimulate the inner core of her soul.

To affirm her existence is not only to fulfil her sensual and emotional needs and longings ,her material and financial need but also to stimulate the intellectual resonance of her body and soul .Woman call it 'Intellectual stimulation'
Intellectual stimulation is to bring the woman to the heights of her femininity of being loved and adored with passion and reason enduring the passing of time and season.A man's love to a woman must be emotional as well as rational ,he must see through the woman' soul ,her beauty,value and meaning in relation to his quest in life.

A woman whom he loves is not a functional object to be used when he need to release his lust and passion and put her aside when she is no longer attractive or exploitable .If the love goes away then it is better to separate with respect.
Every woman deserves respect wheather she is a prostitute ,a mentally challenged ,a factory worker or a house maid.
A loving and rational man must see and recognize her precious role in conceiving and delivering humanity into the world.Man exists because of a woman he loves and she becomes a woman because of him.Man could only respond to that 'gift of life'by treating every woman with respect ,compassion and love.
He has to make her feel as though she is as indispensable as the air that he breathes or as the light that beckons in his solitude because she is the completion of what he was and he is to become.

For every man there is always a woman [may not be his wife]who laughs and cries with him at time of joy and sorrow .The essence of a woman transcends beyond space and time and like seasoned wine the older she gets the more she defines and completes the epitome of being a woman.
the more she advances in her age the more she possesses an aura of beauty and elegance beyond the physical realms.She becomes the symbol of love ,passion and beauty that a man must constantly esteem ,cherish and desire as a lover and a man of reason.
he must rise above the physical appearance and see through her soul and quintenssential beauty of a woman.It is an eye for instance of seeing the beauty of a woman working in the farmwith sun baked skin or a destitute woman carrying her child along the busy street or a adivasi[native] woman plucking tea leaves or the woman doing the front desk job for little extra money without a murmur.

A compassionate man adores ,loves and protects a woman like a goddess ,as ineffable and desirable as a princess by showing not only his words but also his actions like how he talks and listens with ardor and compassion.
As a woman like any man she has her own conquest too and her conquest is to be constantly desired,loved and adored rather than taken for granted like a used object when youth and physical beauty wilt away.
Every woman is equal to a man,what he desires is what she equally desires in her own way as a woman and she desires nothing but to love and to be loved by the man that she trust and gave her life and existence.



Anonymous said...

I couldn't hold you to say how I feel,
The joy in my heart no words can reveal,
Over and over I whisper your name,
Over and over I kiss you again,
I see the light of love in your eyes,
Love is forever no more goodbyes

Rabu said...

deep thoughts , as I feel a bit of depression here.

As I think Women are not weaker than men.Moreover we are mentally stronger, We bear the secret of creation. I am great full to almighty and really happy being a woman.It's peaceful to think me- a source of love, creation.
there is a reading I love this very much.

Irving said...

Really powerful writing and quite true :)

Ya Haqq!

rama said...

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rama said...

I guess we met through Sadiq, right??

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waynocook said...

very insightful and loving essay about men and women...

wayno said...

This is one of the best blogs I've ever seen on this, Priya...

Sadiq Alam said...

beautiful thought and sharing.

sadly enough there are very few women who can engage "on the level of intellectual stimulation" ... it takes certain degree of mental development which many society and specially our society fails miserably to stimulate.

i wish we can progress towards that...