Friday, May 9, 2008

be in love ,alive ,vibrant.........pulsate with joy

be in love,
pulsate with joy,
double up with agony,
torn by doubt and conflict,
turn inward and outward,
constantly losing oneself only to search out new paths to tread,
quests and journeys to make,
angers to be expressed and controlled,
faith to be lost and found,
dreams to be shattered and gathered one by one like a broken mirror,
breaking up and breaking out,
crying out aloud and crying for ...............

be in love ,
challenging oneself and others,
confronting world of injustices,
being overpowered with reality,
making desperate attempt to be human in an inhuman world,
failing and succeeding ,
making endings and new beginnings,
use everything the life has offered ,
oceans of love,unending joy,
mounds of pain and suffering,
grand success...........
lovers does not have the luxury,
to experience love so easily....
deep pain and piercing exctasy....goes hand in this world and beyond.



saiyanwarrior1000 said...

love has two sides...the romantic side..and the realistic side..both exists side by side....the poem highlights both effectively...

Rabu said...

brilliant. :)

blessings & love

Aruni RC said...

Nice. The subject has been jaded by over-use, so the occaisional gem does shine brightly.

Way to go, mami!

surjit said...

Truthful words:
'...deep pain and piercing exctasy....goes hand in this world and beyond..'
Thanks Shree for sharing another wonderful post.
God bless.

grottynosh said...

Hello Shree,
I thought I would repay your kind visit to my humble blog, and I can only say that this is wonderful.
Indeed, love and pain go hand in hand as we walk along the sometimes rocky road of life.
Have a wonderful day,
Colin from Life and Free PC Security

Kuan Gung said...

Great stuff! Thank you

Irving said...

Ah, how beautiful and true, dearest Sister, a wonderful poem, capturing the heart of love :)

Ya Haqq!