Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The poor wealthy

John .D.Rockfeller made his first million dollars by the age of 33.He once sent a load of grain worth 40,000 dollars by ship.he did not insure his cargo.he felt that it was a waste....150 dollars .
A few days later he heard of a giant storm somewhere on the route of his ship.
Rockfeller could not sleep the entire night,worrying about his cargo.
Early next morning ,he sent his assistant to try and buy insurance,if it was not already too late.

Afew hours later the assistant returned,happy with proper insurance.But
he found Rockfeller more sick than ever.
A telegram had just arrived with the news that his ship had reached
safe and sound.Rockfeller was veru sad because he had spent 150 dollers "unnecessarily".

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Indraneel said...

please allow me to present a little different view.
yes. we need to eliminate the poverty. but the existence of the rich is very much required. and the rich will perhaps not be rich if they give up their expensive habits!!
it was the duty of John. D. Rockfeller to look after his business. and thriftyness is never bad. please note here that thriftyness is not the same as miser. so, i believe it is a characteristic all improvidents should try to develop.
oh hell!! i am talking too much again!! sorry aaa!! heh heh!!!