Friday, March 2, 2007

Thoughts during Lent

A different approach to fasting;

Fasts have a tendency to be oriented towards things like giving up one's favourite food,drink,smoke ,television etc etc.But there are many other ways I can welcome Lord's healing and loving touch in my life.

Fast from anger and hatred .
Lets give my near and dear ones an extra dose of love everyday.Let me give
my unloved ones double dose of love.

Fast from judging others.
before making any judgement s lets recall how my Beloved God
overlooks my faults and brokenness.

Fast from discouragement.
Hold on to God's promise that He has a perfect plan for each one of us.

Fast from complaining.
when I find myself about to complain ,now I close my eyes and recall some
of the little moments of joy my Beloved has given me.

Fast from bitterness and resentment.
I must keep on forgiving those who may have hurt me in the journey of my life and
keep forgetting the pain they have caused me.

Fast from spending money .
Try to reduce my spending by at least twenty percent and give those savings to the needy.



Indraneel said...

love this very much!!

rama said...

God bless your pure and kind soul.