Sunday, February 25, 2007

Few thoughts

Always smile coz no one should see your wounded heart.
You are a healer ,whatever you feel must not come in the surface.

People might not like your ways of dealing with others but that must not worry you
dont stop .You have miles to go and lot to work .
Sacrifice smaller things for a much larger plans of Him.
Think and feel yourself like an instrument of His love,
no greed ,no love for money ,no pride ,no criticism should stop you
from doing what you are doing and what leads you to doing this work.

Time and again people will misjudge and discard you but that must not
stop you from reaching your goal.
Your goal is much more different from others,which is difficult for them to fathom and see
coz it is He who leads you the way and lovingly pulls you along .
Be foolish , imperfect and broken coz that will lead you to Him the ultimate perfection.
Dont be harsh ,angry or overdemanding coz that will hurt others .
love love and love others till you are joined with your Maker.



Indraneel said...

i absolutely love this!!

Dipti said...

Shree... This is just so beautiful and so touching .. I started to read your blog from your initial posts in 2006..I dont understand Bengali.. just a few words here and there ...but i feel its one of the sweetest languages ... like Urdu I feel that is one of the most graceful languages ... your english poems that i can understand.. i am enjoying them immensly ... its a wonderful and beautiful blog...